Mohan Akella: “Success is just a byproduct”

Ikigai (pronounced ee-kee-guy) is a Japanese concept that describes one’s reason to live, in other words, your life purpose and bliss. In English terms, it means one’s path to life fulfillment. There are 4 components as part of Ikigai: passion, vocation, profession, and mission. When you are good at what you love, it’s your passion.Continue reading “Mohan Akella: “Success is just a byproduct””

Christine Sovereign: It’s about the values, not the goals

We all set some sort of goal for ourselves: “5 years from now I want to become this” or “10 years from now I see myself as that”. But Managing Director and Client Account Lead at Accenture, Christine Sovereign, had no goals for herself in her path to where she is today. She came outContinue reading “Christine Sovereign: It’s about the values, not the goals”

Stories Behind Success: Introduction

It has been 6 months since my last post and I wanted to give a quick follow-up and an introduction to a new project. Since my last post, I felt that my blog didn’t really have a purpose to it. I didn’t know what to really write about and I was running out of ideas.Continue reading “Stories Behind Success: Introduction”