Stories Behind Success: Introduction

It has been 6 months since my last post and I wanted to give a quick follow-up and an introduction to a new project. Since my last post, I felt that my blog didn’t really have a purpose to it. I didn’t know what to really write about and I was running out of ideas. About 3 months ago, I came across the podcast Behind Every Dream and instantly fell in love. After listening to all of the episodes at least twice, I was struck by a new vision for my platform. Behind Every Dream is all about highlighting the unfiltered journey to a goal. I strongly believe in the purpose of that podcast that I thought of doing something similar. I want to create such a powerful, positive voice.

Introducing Stories Behind Success! Stories Behind Success will be a series of posts that highlight stories behind each success and people who show up every day to make their dreams come true. Each post will be a quick story of a successful person that I interview for this series. In these stories, I will highlight the process of achieving goals as well as the story behind each moment: the uncertain moments, late nights, and hard work put into the behind-the-scenes of every little moment. The main theme of these posts will be to face and savor every moment, no matter how tough it gets.

My goal with this series is to create a collection of stories for readers to refer to when they are in need of motivation. I want to normalize the feelings of uncertainty and confusion on the road to success. There will be rocks in that road but no matter how big, they can be overcome.

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