Yasaswy Mulpuri – “Any small change is still a positive change”

“Be the change you wish to see in the world”. This is a famous saying that Yasaswy Mulpuri often came back to as he worked to create a change in his city, a change that will transform the lives of many kids, forever.  After joining Infosys in 2010, Yasaswy found a group of like-minded co-workersContinue reading “Yasaswy Mulpuri – “Any small change is still a positive change””

A (late) Thanksgiving post

Happy Thanksgiving! I know, I’m late… 🙂 I just wanted to take a moment to share all that I am thankful for this year. Frankly speaking, I was quite emotional Wednesday and Thursday as I reflected on all the amazing experiences I had in the last year and couldn’t wrap my head around how muchContinue reading “A (late) Thanksgiving post”

Lee Sweeten – “The sky is no longer my limit. My potential is completely out of the world”

Imagine finding yourself and learning who you really are at 45. After a tough failure on a project at his job, Lee Sweeten went to a psychologist to find out that he has ADHD Type 1, dyslexia, and other executive function disorders. Lee’s story, rather than being about success in a specific career or passion,Continue reading Lee Sweeten – “The sky is no longer my limit. My potential is completely out of the world”

Memories from my last summer as a high schooler

It’s crazy to think that this was the last summer that I could call myself a high schooler. The years have gone by so fast and I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that I am going to be a high school graduate in less than 9 months. Time just flies. I justContinue reading “Memories from my last summer as a high schooler”

Psyche Terry: “Just have faith and focus”

Psyche Terry, the CEO and co-founder of UI Global Brands and Urban Hydration, has shown such resilience and determination through her story of building Urban Hydration and bringing it to where it is today. From facing moments where she was extremely close to quitting to moments where she looks at her company and journey inContinue reading “Psyche Terry: “Just have faith and focus””

Pre-senior year feelings

It’s been so long since I posted, sorry!! Honestly, I started so many different posts the last month but stopped halfway through because I didn’t feel they were “post-worthy”. This is one of those posts too but I am going to share it anyway because I need to start somewhere. Anyway, I wanted to comeContinue reading “Pre-senior year feelings”

You are your best competition

There are times that we all feel that we are not living up to “expectations” or that aren’t doing enough. A feeling we have where we tell ourselves that we don’t deserve what we have or that we need to do much more to be “accomplished”. It’s a feeling that I have pretty often, likeContinue reading “You are your best competition”

Gabby Everett: “It took me a failing class to realize my potential”

One experience decided her life. Gabby Everett, Ph.D., Site Director at Biolabs, decided she wanted to pursue a career in biotechnology when she was in 9th grade. With her AP Biology class, she was taken on a field trip to Texas A&M and got the opportunity to pipette DNA and load an agarose gel. ThisContinue reading “Gabby Everett: “It took me a failing class to realize my potential””

Krystine (Krys) Sipple: “Just go with the flow” 

The best things sometimes just happen. You never know what you are meant to do until one day, you feel everything falling into place. Krystine (Krys) Sipple, a nonprofit consultant, thought that her life would look very different than it does today. She lived her life one day at a time and one thing alwaysContinue reading “Krystine (Krys) Sipple: “Just go with the flow” “

Deborah Corrao: “Get a little more comfortable with failure”

Some people like to plan their life and their future in the most detail possible. Others like to take it one day at a time and do what they need to do that day. Deborah (Deb) Corrao, the Salesforce Business Group Lead and Senior Managing Director at Accenture, is a remarkable example of someone whoContinue reading “Deborah Corrao: “Get a little more comfortable with failure””