Let your inner beauty shine!!

Hey guys! Happy Wednesday!!
I just wanted to take a moment to reflect and talk about something that has been at the back of my mind for the past couple of weeks. A week ago, my family and I watched a Telugu movie, Shyam Singha Roy, starring Nani and Sai Pallavi (if you don’t know already, I am a huge Indian movie fan unlike most of my peers but anyway back to the topic). The female lead in this movie, Sai Pallavi, in my opinion, defines what it means to show your inner beauty.

Most, if not all actors and actresses use makeup, hair stylers, and other products/techniques to make them look “presentable” and to hide what they believe are their imperfections in front of an audience and in their movies. It’s common and it makes sense to an extent. However, nowadays it’s evident that most of them don’t even feel comfortable stepping out of their house without a full face of makeup and their hair done perfectly because that’s what they feel is right. It’s really not their fault because that’s how the public sees them in movies so that’s how they feel they need to present themselves at all times, to please the public.

However, what truly amazes and inspires me is Sai Pallavi’s confidence to use little to no makeup in all of her movies and little to no products on her hair. It’s all-natural. She barely has her hair straightened or curled and she barely ever has any makeup on. If you look at pictures of her, you will find that she struggles with a lot of acne. But she doesn’t let this bother her and it just amazes me how much confidence she has to defy all these norms of beauty by confidently walking up on stage and on set with absolutely no makeup. Most of us look at a couple acne scars or “imperfections” on our face and think that we need to hide them immediately but she finds beauty in herself not her face which is the most beautiful thing about her. Her confidence to let her inner, natural beauty shine, is something that not a lot of us have. Many of us feel uncomfortable stepping out of the house without makeup and being all dressed up. Although many may say that it makes them just feel more put together and more confident, it makes me question why we can’t feel confident naturally?

When I first watched a movie she starred in over 5 years ago, I didn’t think much about it and in fact, it made me question why she even did that. I didn’t understand why she wanted to not wear makeup on-screen and questioned her motives. But 5 years later, I finally understood. Now, she is one of my inspirations whenever I feel that I am being judged based on my looks. If a movie star has the courage to show her true self on screen, why can’t I have the courage to show my true self in public?

I am not trying to shame those who wear makeup or say that wearing makeup or anything is bad or wrong because it is really not. But I want to take a moment to applaud those, like Sai Pallavi, who let their inner beauty shine. Coming from someone who had a really hard time embracing herself the way she was and had little to no self-confidence when in public, seeing someone like Sai Pallavi really inspires me to continue to grow and show my true self to the public. Your beauty is not shown in what you wear or how your hair and face look, it’s shown in your actions and kindness. Your imperfections are nothing but your hidden beauty, your hidden beauty deserves to be shown.

Have a great week!!

8 thoughts on “Let your inner beauty shine!!

  1. Good one…I think its also more about getting applauded for what you are (as a talent) and not how you look.



  2. As a man surrounded by a Mother, Wife, 2 adult daughters, and a precious granddaughter, your post resonates powerfully. I have witnessed my beloved family struggle with body image issues. Excellent article, and will watch this movie!


  3. Such an inspirational post! I think everyone can relate to struggling with letting their inner beauty shine, and brave women like Sai Pallavi continue to show the importance of being yourself. Also, you are not the only one who loves Bollywood movies 🙂


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