Memories from my last summer as a high schooler

It’s crazy to think that this was the last summer that I could call myself a high schooler. The years have gone by so fast and I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that I am going to be a high school graduate in less than 9 months. Time just flies.

I just wanted to take a moment to share what I did this summer break to just document it, kind of like a diary. I can very easily say that this summer has been one of the most memorable ones so far. Here are some of my favorite memories this summer… hope you enjoy reading 🙂

  1. Bahamas Vacation
    • The highlight of my summer break was definitely our trip to the Bahamas. It was an amazing and super relaxing vacation where I got to spend amazing quality time with my family. Watching beach sunsets, taking lots of pictures, playing Uno Attack for hours, watching TV together, and spending time in the pool are a few of the many things we did there. Post-COVID, it was the first time we traveled internationally and it was so much fun. The funny thing is that the last international trip we made pre-COVID was to a beach place (Los Cabos, Mexico) and the first travel we made post-COVID was to a beach place too.
  2. Surprise Visit from CA cousins!!
    • I love my family so so much. Every second I spend with them fills my heart with so much joy and happiness, it’s indescribable. My dad’s brother’s family lives in California and before summer started, I repeatedly asked them to come and visit for a few weeks. Unfortunately, they ended up getting COVID a few weeks into summer break and I didn’t think that they would come given that my uncle and aunt already had to take a few weeks off when they had COVID. Like I always say, my family never fails to amaze me and I am forever grateful for them. Despite their crazy hectic work schedules, they planned a trip to visit us for a week right before school started and I had the BEST time! I tried my very best to stay present during every moment they were here and I truly had a blast. From dancing in the rain to staying up late at night, I had such a wonderful time when they were here and I wouldn’t replace it for the world ❤
  3. Spending time with friends
    • Apart from our vacation to the Bahamas and my cousins from CA coming to surprise me, spending time with my friends is the next best thing on the list of things I did this summer. From multiple sleepovers to dinners and day outs, I had loads of fun with my friends this summer. We did the weirdest things together and had the best time doing it. We sang at the top of our lungs, watched many movies, danced, stayed up past 3am, ate lots of Thai food, and much much more. I am so grateful that I was able to spend this time with my friends and build lasting relationships with them.
  4. Starting a new job
    • This summer, I started working as a service team member at Panera. I applied as a cashier but I honestly do anything in the service line that doesn’t include food production. I have learned so much from this job and I can definitely say that I have become a stronger person through it. As mentioned in my other post, I am continuing this job throughout the school year, as required by a course that I am taking. Although I am super nervous as to how it will all work out, I am very eager to see how I will develop as a person through this position.
  5. Internship work
    • Working at Urban Hydration for the past 4 months has undeniably been the best work experience I have ever gotten. Not only have I fallen in love with marketing but I have also learned so much about working as a professional. The internship position has allowed me so much room to grow, make mistakes, and learn as I find myself and my passions. Over the summer, I have been given the opportunity to manage the Pinterest page and blog of the company. I have learned so so much and am very excited to keep working with them through the school year as I learn and explore more.
  6. Crocheting
    • I learned how to crochet! I spent a few hours every week this summer learning how to crochet different things. I made multiple flower coasters, flowers, butterflies, jellyfish, and much more :). It was a fun little hobby that I found for myself that I hope to continue through the school year as a stressbuster. Although it was a bit tricky at the beginning, I think I got the hang of it now.

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