A (late) Thanksgiving post

Happy Thanksgiving! I know, I’m late… 🙂 I just wanted to take a moment to share all that I am thankful for this year. Frankly speaking, I was quite emotional Wednesday and Thursday as I reflected on all the amazing experiences I had in the last year and couldn’t wrap my head around how muchContinue reading “A (late) Thanksgiving post”

Memories from my last summer as a high schooler

It’s crazy to think that this was the last summer that I could call myself a high schooler. The years have gone by so fast and I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that I am going to be a high school graduate in less than 9 months. Time just flies. I justContinue reading “Memories from my last summer as a high schooler”

Pre-senior year feelings

It’s been so long since I posted, sorry!! Honestly, I started so many different posts the last month but stopped halfway through because I didn’t feel they were “post-worthy”. This is one of those posts too but I am going to share it anyway because I need to start somewhere. Anyway, I wanted to comeContinue reading “Pre-senior year feelings”

You are your best competition

There are times that we all feel that we are not living up to “expectations” or that aren’t doing enough. A feeling we have where we tell ourselves that we don’t deserve what we have or that we need to do much more to be “accomplished”. It’s a feeling that I have pretty often, likeContinue reading “You are your best competition”

What is success?

For Stories Behind Success, I write many posts about people who are “successful” but I have never defined what success really means, or what I look for when I find someone I want to interview for their “success story”. Through elementary school and middle school, I thought success meant being able to afford a mansion,Continue reading “What is success?”

5 things I learned over the pandemic

The pandemic taught me so many different things about life… here are a few: 1. Have empathy – The first and foremost thing that I learned this pandemic season is to have empathy. Living with your family members all day every day is fun and an amazing bonding opportunity, but each of us has ourContinue reading “5 things I learned over the pandemic”

My Struggle with Self-confidence

We all have some sort of struggle. Something we are trying to work on constantly. My struggle is my self-confidence. One of my resolutions this year is to work on my self-confidence. To know that I am perfect, no matter what others think of me. My decline in self-confidence began in 6th grade. Until then,Continue reading “My Struggle with Self-confidence”

How music made me the person I am today

Everyone has one comfort that they go to whenever they need to just let go and be themselves, whether it be a place like their room, a hobby like dancing, or a state of mind like sleeping. My comfort is music. Music is the one thing that got me through this pandemic and kept meContinue reading “How music made me the person I am today”