How music made me the person I am today

Everyone has one comfort that they go to whenever they need to just let go and be themselves, whether it be a place like their room, a hobby like dancing, or a state of mind like sleeping. My comfort is music.

Music is the one thing that got me through this pandemic and kept me going. No matter how I feel, whether it is happy, sad, mad, frustrated, or excited, music was, is, and will always be my go-to thing to let go of my feelings. Every single time I put my headphones on and turn up the volume with my favorite songs, I feel a feeling of peace, a feeling that I can’t describe with words. It just feels amazing. Music takes me to another world, a separate world where I disconnect from this one.

When I am mad and I put on music, I start to let go of the feelings and feel better again. Same when I am frustrated or sad. When I am happy and I listen to music, I just feel even better.

Finding your comfort and your happy place is something that is very important. Being at your happy place, or doing your happy thing will give you a chance to unwind, relax, destress, and let go of everything. It lets you find your inner self. I didn’t realize until about a year ago how much music affected me and affects me, and ever since I found out, I made it a part of my daily life. I listen to music whenever I can… while studying, working out, doing nothing, and even while writing this post.
Keep Smiling!

– Akshara

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