Stories Behind Success: Introduction

It has been 6 months since my last post and I wanted to give a quick follow-up and an introduction to a new project. Since my last post, I felt that my blog didn’t really have a purpose to it. I didn’t know what to really write about and I was running out of ideas.Continue reading “Stories Behind Success: Introduction”

Feeling lonely and coping with it

If you guys have read a previous post of mine (also linked here), I talked about my struggle with self-confidence and how I am trying to overcome it. Today I’m going to talk about something along the same lines: feeling lonely. As mentioned in the other post, I used to change myself for every personContinue reading “Feeling lonely and coping with it”

5 things I learned over the pandemic

The pandemic taught me so many different things about life… here are a few: 1. Have empathy – The first and foremost thing that I learned this pandemic season is to have empathy. Living with your family members all day every day is fun and an amazing bonding opportunity, but each of us has ourContinue reading “5 things I learned over the pandemic”

My Struggle with Self-confidence

We all have some sort of struggle. Something we are trying to work on constantly. My struggle is my self-confidence. One of my resolutions this year is to work on my self-confidence. To know that I am perfect, no matter what others think of me. My decline in self-confidence began in 6th grade. Until then,Continue reading “My Struggle with Self-confidence”